There are several options for tent rentals, layouts, and dimensions.

We offer Do It Yourself (DIY) tents. These are tents that you pick up, set up, and return.  Please see instructions on how to set up these types of tents here: DIY Tent 16×16. Below is a picture of one of our most popular DIY tent sizes, 20×20.

20x20 - Customer Pickup Tent
20×20 DIY


Here is a sample of some of the tent sizes we have.  The tents below are not for customer pick up.


The graphic below shows several layout options for one of our most popular tents the 20 x 20 (400 sq.ft.). The options below show 5 ft. round tables as well as 8 ft. long banquet tables. Our tables and chairs can be included in your order. Continue scrolling down to see other tent options.

Below is another option, a 20 x 30 (600 sq. ft.).


Another popular selection is the 20 x 40 (800 sq. ft.).

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